The climate in Jordan is what could be considered fair – not too hot in summer, nor too cold in winter.


Starts in mid-June and lasts until late September, sometimes extending into October.

On average, temperatures range from a 17-20C low at night, and a 30-35C high during day time. The weather during this time is generally clear and warm, allowing for all kinds of outdoor sports and activities.


Starts in December, generally lasting until late February.

Temperatures range between 15-17C highs and 5-2C lows. At times, temperatures may drop below 0, and you might get the chance to see Amman covered in a mantle of snow.

As you walk the streets in winter, you can typically breathe in the smell of fireplaces and home cooked meals emanating for people’s shops and homes. Expect to be invited to share their fire, roasting chestnuts and drinking tea or coffee with thyme and bread.


Typically starts in early March and extends well into mid- to late May. Temperatures are usually mild, with cool breezes abating the sun’s heat. Rainfall is known to return now and again, though it is much more sporadic than in winter.

Flowers will once again bloom and the air will be teeming with the sounds of birds and insects, creating the perfect conditions for picnics, barbeques, and outdoor activities.

Suggested clothing:

Light cotton clothing is typically the most adequate and comfortable attire for summertime in Jordan, along with a couple of warm sweaters, in anticipation of a few cooler evenings.

For the colder and rainier seasons, you should have some waterproof clothing handy, including a pair of boots. A warm jacket is also recommended, on the off chance that temperatures drop below the average lows.