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Ewan Institute was created and established in Amman, Jordan, with the aim of meeting the increasing worldwide demand for learning Arabic as a second language. Today, it is one of the leading educational institutes in the field, providing some of the highest-quality service available, as attested by...
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Located in the heart of Amman

Our branch in Amman is located near the University of Jordan, and is within walking distance of many other university buildings and campuses. This proximity allows for students to engage in, interact with, and ultimately become a part of student life in Jordan.
Located in the heart of Amman

Ewan Institute - accredited by universities

Ewan is accredited by many universities in Jordan and worldwide. Their trust in us is a testament to the unwavering excellence of our teachers and the high-quality service that the Institute has pledged to provide since the moment of its inception.
Ewan Institute - accredited by universities

 Learn Arabic at Ewan Institute - Amman, Jordan 

Join Ewan Institute – an organization dedicated exclusively to the teaching of Arabic language!


In our program students interact with native speakers, an approach that teaches skills and integrates students in everyday life.
All our programs combine between studying, outside activities, hobbies and self learning.

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Main Program - Arabic Core Program
4 weeks / 1 semester / half level / 50 hours
Arabic Workshop
2 weeks / 25 hours

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Fourth Testimonial
I’d recommend Ewan Institute to anyone wishing to obtain a solid knowledge of Arabic language. What makes Ewan such an outstanding place is the diversity of methods it employs to develop all sorts of language skills, and the insight it provides into the local customs and culture. The Institute is composed of a very helpful and committed team.
Kasia, 27 - Poland
Third Testimonial
Ewan Institute’s Amman branch is very good – full of modern technologies such as tablets, with large and comfortable and fully equipped classrooms, and excellent teachers! My advice to all students from Malaysia wanting to study Arabic language: there is no better language center than Ewan Institute!
Salahuddin, 19 - Malaysia
Second Testimonial
I didn’t know a word of Arabic before I came to Jordan. I took a leap of faith, signed up, and was surprised by how fast I learned, thanks to Ewan’s system and teaching strategy. I am now able to have conversations with my new Arab friends, regarding any topic, in their native Arabic!
Marius, 19 - Germany
First Testimonial
After four months of immersion and intensive language instruction at Ewan Institute; I can understand television news, read complex articles, and converse on topics ranging from politics to everyday situations in Arabic. I couldn't be happier to have chosen this community and this experience in Amman.
Barrett, 22 - USA




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