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Our Achievement's

Our latest achievements in teaching the Arabic language

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Institute Facilities

Facilities for Ewan Institute students

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Student Housing

Our student housing offers a variety of room types and is conveniently located near the campus. Our dedicated staff works hard to create a safe and welcoming environment for all residents. Make the most of your time at our institute by choosing student housing that allows you to be close to all the action on campus.

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Jerash Country House

it is a unique and special place for students to immerse themselves in Arabic culture and customs. Located in the beautiful city of Jerash, the farm offers a variety of activities and amenities for students to enjoy. The farm contains a cozy house, a playground, barbecue areas for outdoor cooking, and stunning views of the city. It is the perfect place for students to learn about Jordanian traditions and culture, while also having fun and relaxing in a beautiful natural setting.

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The Institute

The Arabic language institute is housed in a beautiful building that is located in the heart of the city. The institute is easily accessible and is a welcoming place for students from all over the world. The building is modern and well-equipped, with classrooms that are spacious and comfortable. There are also a number of amenities available to students, such as a library, a computer lab, and a common room. The building is designed to create a warm and welcoming environment where students can feel at home as they learn about the Arabic language and culture.


Main Program

Price start from

500$/ per month

  • Level test

  • Curriculum books

  • Certificate

  • 50 teaching hours

Customized Lessons

Price start from

30$/ per hour

  • Level test

  • Curriculum books

  • Certificate

  • Flexible schedule

  • Specialized curriculum


Special Discount

  • Level test

  • Curriculum books

  • Certificate

  • Special discount

  • Group perks


Some of our Student Review's

Kasia, 27 - Poland

I’d recommend Ewan Institute to anyone wishing to obtain a solid knowledge of Arabic language. What makes Ewan such an outstanding place is the diversity of methods it employs to develop all sorts of language skills, and the insight it provides into the local customs and culture. The Institute is composed of a very helpful and committed team.

Barrett, 22 - USA

After four months of immersion and intensive language instruction at Ewan Institute; I can understand television news, read complex articles, and converse on topics ranging from politics to everyday situations in Arabic. I couldn't be happier to have chosen this community and this experience in Amman.

Salahuddin, 19 - Malaysia

Ewan Institute’s Amman branch is very good – full of modern technologies such as tablets, with large and comfortable and fully equipped classrooms, and excellent teachers! My advice to all students from Malaysia wanting to study Arabic language: there is no better language center than Ewan Institute!

Marius, 19 - Germany

I didn’t know a word of Arabic before I came to Jordan. I took a leap of faith, signed up, and was surprised by how fast I learned, thanks to Ewan’s system and teaching strategy. I am now able to have conversations with my new Arab friends, regarding any topic, in their native Arabic!


Here are a few frequently asked questions about our Arabic courses.

Our courses are designed to meet our students' diverse needs and goals, offering a range of options to suit different interests and learning styles. No matter your objectives for learning Arabic, we have a course that will help you achieve them.

Studying Arabic in Jordan offers a practical and immersive learning experience. The chance to interact with native speakers and practice the language in a real-world context can greatly enhance language learning. Additionally, the lower cost of living in Jordan makes it a more affordable option for long-term study.

The Ewan Institute is the perfect choice for students who want to receive a complete and advanced education in the Arabic language. Our comprehensive curriculum covers all proficiency levels and is based on advanced tools and resources for teaching Arabic. We also offer additional activities and services to help you practice the language and improve your skills. Start your journey with us now to get a complete and advanced education in the Arabic language!

Indeed, we provide housing for students near the institute and public services. We have a variety of options for students to choose from, including single and double-occupancy rooms. All of our rooms are fully furnished and include a private bathroom. Our accommodations are within walking distance of the campus, so students can quickly get to and from classes.

Living in Jordan for a month is less expensive than one would think. The average monthly expenditure for a single person is around JD250 (US$350), which covers basic costs such as food, transportation, and utilities. If you want to live more luxuriously, your monthly expenses could be closer to JD700 (US$1,000).

At the Ewan Institute, anyone can become proficient in Arabic with the right resources and support. Our comprehensive curriculum and immersive learning environment provide students with the tools and opportunities they need to succeed. With the right approach and dedication, anyone can learn Arabic.