Here at Ewan we work hard to make your experience a smooth and comfortable one. Among other things, this means providing you with suitable accommodation if you so require. If, upon arrival, you are dissatisfied with the residence provided, new arrangements can be made so as to better meet your needs and expectations.

There are many different places at your disposal. Prices will vary according to the type, location, and quality of the accommodation.


There is a wide variety of hotels to choose from in Amman, ranging from 2 to 5 stars. You will find some well-known franchises, such as the Hilton, Marriott, Holiday Inn, Howard Johnson, Sheraton, and others, but may also opt for smaller or locally-owned businesses. We may assist you in finding adequate lodging upon request.


Amman’s housing market also offers an ample variety of apartments. You may choose to settle in one that’s already furnished, or pick an empty apartment which we will assist you in furnishing according to your budget.


There are decidedly fewer hostels than hotels in Jordan, but they’re there – they may be somewhat scattered, and the supply less evenly distributed, but surely you will find a suitable one if this is indeed your favored type of lodging.

Our accommodation

In addition to the array of options mentioned above, Ewan also provides its own student accommodation. Our flats are located within walking distance from the Institute, at the disposal of all students who sign up for the Full Package of our program, if they so choose.


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