Our location in central Amman provides students with the perfect setting for learning Arabic

Aside from being located in the vicinity of the University of Jordan, our Institute is also within walking distance of a wide variety of restaurants, shops, boutiques, and a great deal of other establishments providing all manner of goods and services.


The area is inhabited by locals and foreigners alike, so you’ll have no trouble meeting people who will make you feel welcome, and even show you around and encourage you to practice what you learn in class.


The Institute itself occupies an area of 560m2 and consists of 10 classrooms, all of which are fully equipped with the best and latest equipment available, along with both a Computer Lab and an AV (Audio-Visual) Room. Given our teaching system’s reliance on modern technologies, students are regularly encouraged to make use of tools such as:

  • Smartboards
  • Smart TVs
  • Computers