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Published On: 2022 dec 12

Ewan Institute: Learn Arabic and Immerse Yourself in Jordan's Culture

Welcome to Ewan Institute, where you can learn Arabic in a vibrant and welcoming environment. Located in central Amman, Jordan, our Institute is near the University of Jordan and surrounded by various restaurants, shops, and other amenities. This area is home to locals and foreigners, allowing you to make new friends and practice your Arabic skills outside the classroom.

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Modern Language Learning Techniques at Ewan Institute: 100% Success Rate in Achieving fluency

At Ewan Institute, we prioritize using modern tools and techniques to help you achieve fluency in Arabic. We equip our classrooms with the latest technologies, such as smartboards, smart TVs, and computers. You have access to a computer lab and an AV room. With our modern language learning techniques, we have a 100% success rate in achieving fluency.

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Discover Jordanian Culture at Ewan Institute: 10+ Cultural Activities and Events to Participate in

In addition to language learning, Ewan Institute offers various cultural activities and events to help you fully immerse yourself in Jordanian culture. These include guided tours of local landmarks, traditional cooking classes, and more. Participating in these activities allows you to learn more about the country and its people and practice your Arabic skills in a real-world setting.

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Comfortable and Convenient Living Experience on Campus

Aside from the academic and cultural offerings at Ewan Institute, you'll also enjoy a comfortable and convenient living experience on campus. With everything you need within walking distance and a supportive community to help you, studying at Ewan Institute is an exceptional and easy experience.


Join us at Ewan Institute

Join us at Ewan Institute and take advantage of this opportunity to improve your Arabic skills and learn more about the culture of inland Jordan. Enroll today and start your journey towards fluency in Arabic and a deeper understanding of the rich culture of Jordan.