All of our programs are tailored to your needs; designed to help you improve your listening, reading, speaking, and writing skills in the Arabic language.

Our programs are highly focused on fostering interaction between students and native speakers, as well as the former’s integration into local everyday life. As such, we aim to adequately combine studying, i.e., theoretical learning, with outdoor and hobby-related activities, as well as self-learning skills and techniques. We and our experts believe that interaction with the surrounding social environment is a crucial element of language-learning – that means making friends, interacting with taxi drivers, shopkeepers, and the like, in their native Arabic, and so on. Living and studying in Jordan not only makes this type of close interaction a possibility (indeed, a requirement) – it allows students to travel around the Middle East, visiting popular cities such as Jerusalem, Beirut, and Mecca, whilst experiencing the manifold cultural frameworks, customs, and approaches to the Arabic language that the region has to offer.

Ewan Institute focuses on teaching Modern Standard Arabic (MSA). MSA is of key importance for students wishing to make use of Arabic in everyday situations. It is the official language of all Arab countries throughout the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region. It is also the type of Arabic employed by most media outlets, press agencies, websites, governmental agencies, and universities. It is understood by all Arabic speakers in spite of their different dialects, and allows students to get a better grip on the different ways of reading, speaking, and spelling Arabic words and expressions.




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Main Programs

Main Program - Arabic Core Program
4 weeks / 1 semester / half level / 50 hours
Arabic Workshop

Other Programs

Arabic For Specific Purposes
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Curriculum Development
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